Research Support Fund

Tobias Center Research Support Fund

The Randall L. and Deborah F. Tobias Center for Innovation in International Development issues a call for its Research Support Fund each fall. The Fund offers grants to Bloomington faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and PhD student research projects related to the major themes of the Center: global climate and local livelihoods; the history of development; governance and development; China and international development; and global value chains and development.

The Tobias Center seeks to support and promote new and innovative research in the history, theory, and practice of international development and connect IU faculty across campus with shared interest in these topics.


IU Bloomington faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and PhD students are eligible to apply, as are research teams that include at least one researcher who fits this classification.

Award Types and Funding Criteria

The Research Support Fund will support a range of research initiatives in the social sciences and humanities. Applicants may apply for two types of awards:

The maximum award for this grant is $5,000. These grants support initial fieldwork and data collection, RAs for gathering/coding data, paying for data licenses, costs associated with running surveys and experiments, archival and library research, and other justifiable research expenses. Summer salary and/or conference travel is NOT supported under this fund. The Center encourages applications from both individual and team-based projects. This includes offering support funds for collaborative endeavors with other IU-based funding sources, including, but not limited to, stimulating research activities at the IU gateways.

The maximum award for this grant is $1,250. These grants are designed to defray costs of promoting research into international development in scholarly and public venues, such as presentations at major conferences and workshops.

Reporting Requirements

Grant recipients must submit a summary report of the scholarly activity supported by the grant. They are also expected to present their research at at least one Tobias Center event.

Award Criteria

The Tobias Center will decide awards based on the originality of the proposal, its significance, and its relevance to the Tobias Center’s mission. Preference will also be given to projects seeking seed money for new research, rather than projects nearing completion. A committee composed of IU faculty members will review the applications.

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